Altun Ha Ruins Tour

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Altun Ha was strategically located as a trading center, about six miles from the coast of Belize City. The site covers an area of about twenty-five square miles, most still uncovered. These ancient Mayan Temples were once Cities, Towns, Religious Temples and major trade posts for the ancient Maya civilization. Once hidden in thick jungle the Mayan Mayan of Belize have since been restored to their original splendor, one cannot help but feel the ever-present Maya Spirit when visiting these spectacular sites.

Altun Ha is one of the most famous Maya Centers, founded around 600bc, perhaps a few centuries earlier, this Maya Center was undoubtedly one of the smallest but extremely important Trading Post for the Maya Civilization at the time.

The Ruins and manicured grounds at Altun Ha make a visit to this magnificent ancient City a fantastic family oriented activity. You will not find steep hills or sudden drop-offs, instead you will walk over smooth, well kept grass, you will be able to simply admire all the structures or walk to the top of some of the most majestic Mayan Ruinss to be found in Central America.

Tour duration:  5 hours
Includes: Transportation, entrance fees and guide.

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